Monday, February 16, 2004

What an almost absolutely perfect day.

It's "President's day". Apparently. It's chilling how little I know. About some things. Most things, actually. And as I learn more, I realize that what I thought I knew, I don't know at all. So that will probably be the conclusion: I will one day realize that I actually do not know anything. Including this "President's day" thing. And then I will have become the the pen-ultimate white trash that I am destined to become.

Now, how did I get to being white trash in just one paragraph? Especially since it was a perfect, well almost perfect, day? Well, it was, anyway. It began with my wife taking the day off. Because of the "President's day" thing, you see. Which was great. I have been somewhat lonely here for the last couple of weeks. The weekends have been consumed with time with friends. Which is good. But we haven't had time for just us. So that, by itself, was good.

Then, we decided to go skiing. We haven't gone together skiing all winter, strangely enough. And it was great! It was really cold, but the sun shone brilliantly, and the wind blew only quietly. The day was so great, in fact, that neither a fat idiot scratching my car nor my first-ever speeding ticket managed to spoil it.

P.S. Why the 'almost' in 'almost absolutely perfect day'? Well, it's that nostalgia I was blogging about last Saturday. Can't seem to shake it.