Saturday, February 21, 2004

I am almost ashamed to say this, but it seems like I don't like sleeping anymore.

Not as much as I used too, anyway. Not that long ago, nothing - and I mean absolutely, positively, completely almost nothing - could compare too a really, really long sleep. I would wake up after eight hours on a Saturday morning and go: Naah. And then fall asleep again for a few hours.

But no more. I need to wake up early during the week for work, mostly just before 6 am. The weekends used to be excluded. But this morning, as I lay awake in my bed at 5:50 am, I thought: I don't particularily want to continue sleeping. Which is overwhelmingly sad.

I can already see your e-mails: "'Wake up'! (pun) You have a kid!" But you see, that is not it. Granted, she did only sleep for a few hours at a time betwwen her feedings for the first month or two. But she quickly went to sleeping through the night in two successions. And now, she has been sleeping 11 hours straight for more than a month. So that's not what is keeping me up.

Sad, I tell you. I really, truly miss being drowsy.

Slumber. That's what I miss.