Saturday, November 8, 2003

Just took one of those online tests. This one is meant to reveal your inner rocker. As in rock star, not the furniture.

My niece pointed it out to me. She was revealed to be none other than Courtney Love! Which I found kind of silly, since my niece is the most intelligent, mild-mannered and calmly firm ideologist you'll ever meet. A far cry from the loud-mouthed, stupid-acting bimbo that this Love person at least appears to be.


So I turned out to be Chris Isaac.

Which kind of proves my point.

I don't actually hate Chris Isaac. I just think he's lame. And before you all go off saying "Well, we all think we're lame", let me add that he is not like me. At all. Basta!

Stupid test.
I finally found the time to move my daughter's pictures to a new server. Hopefully, they'll stay up this time.

Can you guys maybe let me know if they don't?


P.S. No, I won't pledge to treat this blog better than I have been doing. It's a blog! Get over it.

Thursday, November 6, 2003

I have been looking for my pictures, which mysteriously disappeared from this blog last weekend. Thank you to all of you who wrote to tell me that they were missing. The culprit has been found: My web host!

It turns out that when I try to access any of my pictures, I get this nice comment from the server: "The page you are attempting to access has been removed because it violated the Term (sic) of Service." And what, you might ask, was the violation? Well... you're not going to believe this: By posting pictures of my baby daughter, I have been exploiting her, and the web host will have none of it!

Under the heading "Prohibited Conduct", in the Terms of Service in question, it says, in part: "You agree that you will not use [...] Products and Services to [...] Upload [...] any Content that exploits the images of children under 18 years of age, or that discloses personally identifying information belonging to children under 18 years of age."

Living in America!