Tuesday, March 11, 2003

This whole I-am-having-a-baby stuff is slowly dawning on me. A trip to your local Babies'R'Us will do that to you, I guess. Our 'local' one is 1½ hour drive away, so we made it into a day-trip.

This store is actually a giant super-market. Filled with baby stuff. To the brim. Strollers, cribs, pacifiers, baby baths, car seats, bedding, toys. You name it, they have a hundred different types of it. It was kind of overwhelming.

I found the gift cards to be the best part. Here is one to give to parents of a newborn baby boy:
He smells funny. He makes weird noises. He is completely dependent on you for his every need.
But enough about your husband. Congratulations on your new son!