Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Judging from the media, Americans have some warped ideas about what constitutes solidarity, cooperation and support. I have previously talked about Germany's opposition to the US invading Iraq. Now, the French are being dragged through the mud in this country for trying to do the same thing. Stop a war. Avert the killings of thousands of innocent civilians.

Now, according to media reports, the US' idea of showing support, in this case, is for the French to take their opinions and shelf them. Stop thinking. Halt all attempts to ward off this massive, impending slaying. 'Co-operation', in their book, has nothing to do with the exchange of ideas or finding a common ground. Nope. Cooperation with the United States of America is obeying. Heading the "my way or the highway" mantra of its government. Doing what you are told. Even if it means killing people or being quiet while the US does the killing.

The newest reports of the US' outrage over the lack of 'support' by France is that The US Congress plans to ban the names "french fries" and "french toast" from their cafèteria's (!) menu, re-naming them "freedom fries" and "freedom toast". I kid you not. You may think it is too insane to be true. Sadly, it isn't.

In addition, the proponents of this blodshed actually have the insolence to accuse the French of not showing the United States the loyality it deserves, in its effort to garner support for invading Iraq. And why does the US believe the French should be quiet and do as it is told? The answer: Because the US, during WWII, helped rescue them from another invader.

The irony is deafening.