Thursday, February 6, 2003

Wow, did I write that? I am one sick puppy. No really. I woke up this morning with a burning fever, soar throat, the works. At least that explains it. I have never been much for wearing my heart on my sleave. But I do get almost delerious when I come down with the flu. Hence that emotional outburst yesterday. Or maybe blogging will just do that to you. Make you all mushy and stuff.

My head feels like it's in a vice. Like it is being squished between the hands of some evil giant who has nothing better to do. And my face is all red and swollen, kind of like the face of some american president. That's what you get from socializing too much in flu season.

I hate being sick. Sometimes, when I don't want to do something or am just feeling plain lazy, I'll wish I was sick. Only mildly sick though. Just enough to have the excuse to go to bed. But it isn't worth it. It never is. The aching and sneezing and blowing your nose until it feels like it's going to fall of. Not fun. Not fun at all.