Friday, February 7, 2003

Oh my God. OH MY GOD!

I know it's pathetic. Every single expectant father nowadays probably does exactly the same thing. Discovers this absolute bliss and exhilaration and, at the same time, utter and uncontrolled terror. It's moving INSIDE MY WIFE!!?! But it's gorgeous! Completely manic, and with a pulse of 140, but gorgeous.

Until now, this has just been a surreal experience of my love getting fatter. Many of my male friends have been gathering this very same kind of pot bellies, so it didn't really register. Hers is just a lot cuter. I can't keep my hands of it, actually.

But now. Seeing this miracle. Tossing and turning. Yawning and sucking on its thumb. Sticking out its tongue. It stirred something within me. It's becoming real to me. This treasure. This unborn miracle.