Thursday, February 13, 2003

There is something completely fascinating about living in a small village. Everybody knows everything about everybody. People do not lock the doors to their cars or even their houses.

You get your mail by visiting the little post office down the road - since they do not deliver mail in the village(!) And there you will meet the ever affable post master, who you are sure knows every little secret there is to be known about the villagers. And on the counter you will find home-made fudge which one of those villagers has left for the others to feast upon when they come to get their mail.

And how can it be that a small village is invariably filled with thoughtful, vibrant and intelligent people? I do not get it. After having lived in both cities and hamlets, I swear that the ratio of the interesting people is simply much higher in those tiny villages. But why? Do they congregate in these small places? Or do people just shut down a moderate amount of their brain when they move to a large city? Become numb?

I bought some nails for my new staple-gun this morning. When I came up to the register to pay, the gentleman serving me looked at me thoughtfully and said "Are you sure these are the right size?" I was baffled. The man smiled. It turns out that he was the one who sold me the stapler/nailgun. Two weeks ago. And he remembered me! I love little towns. It's all just so real.