Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Snow snow snow!

It's really snowing out there today. I guess my love for snow is yet another proof that I really have not grown up. At all. I am still thrilled like a little kid when I wake up in the morning and everything is covered by this pure, white blanket. It's magical.

But I don't like the cold. My wife says that she loves being around people. It's groups of them that she doesn't like. I guess my love for snow but dislike of cold is similar. Then again, there is no cold weather, only not enough clothing. Right? Yeah, yeah.

We had only been living here for a couple of months when a dear friend and a neighbor said to me one day "Well, it's time to shovel the roof". The ROOF. This guy has a great sense of humour. Dry. So I didn't believe him. Why would any sane person be shoveling snow of his roof? The snow on the ground around my house was enough of a challenge to me. I though he was fibbing. It was not until he pulled out the longest shovel I have seen. In my life. I swear this thing is like 20 feet long. And then he proceeded to diligently shovel the snow of his roof. You know, if that isn't done, you run the risk of 'ice damns' forming on your roof. Of course! Why didn't I think of that?

Live and learn.