Friday, June 3, 2005

Well, I guess the sexual revolution is finally over. In this country, that is. America has firmly slided back into being terrified with anything naked, or anything perceived to be naked. It's the fifties, folks. The nineteen-fifties, that is. Or maybe the eighteen-fifties. At least you could show a pickture of woman's bare back in the nineteen-fifties, right?. Well, some radio station down in Norfolk VA decided to advertise their station by putting up billboards of bare-backed women with the tag line -Go Rock Yourself-: (More on this at Their poor taste aside, and looking past the incessant, degrading sell-your-crap-by-posting-pictures-of-pretty-girls, you would think there would not be much to say about this. Not so in the opinion of city officials in Norfolk. They demanded the billboards be pulled down because of concerns about, and get this, perceived partial nudity! PERCEIVED! Sheez. That is so sad. What are these people so afraid of? How did this ever get to be called land of the free?