Monday, May 30, 2005

I know that I have once again stopped taking care of this beast. But this time it is not my fault. Honest. My Blogger has gone all japanese on me. No no, this is not just some lame excuse. See for yourself: , if you don't believe me. Even the buttons are all Kanji, and I really do not feel like taking wild guesses with these my practically only written expressions in years, pitiful as they truly are. I have already pleaded with Blogger support to anglo-sax me, but so far to no avail. Starting to look like a not-so-polite messege to get out of here, with the typepad nerds et al. Or maybe this is just cosmic justice that is catching up with me, for not taking better care of this animal. Anyways, I have reverted to the trusted old Terminal to blog this rant, courtesy of the Blogger API. If you, like me, are a part of that .5% that actually still uses a Mac, and would like to experiment a bit, then here's the poor little code that I stole and mangled for this purpose: Seeing how I am still running Jaguar, instead of the fancy new Tiger, which apparently finally lets osascript pass arguments, I actually had to create a seperate AppleScript, blogger, with the ScriptEditor, and run that in the Terminal like so: osascript /Users/user/Documents/Etc/blog/blogger, which kinda defeats the whole purpose. But hey, I'm a nerd wannabe, and this works. So enjoy.