Monday, June 6, 2005

This is a 5 day. For some reason, this day belongs to the number five. Consequently, I went to Netflix to find some five movies. And five movies I did find. Actually, six of them, after scrolling past endless rubbish such as Best of Backyard Wrestling 5: Crazier Than the Rest (2003) and Children of the Corn 5: Fields of Terror (1998): Five Little Pigs (2003), with David Suchet playing Poirot; Cleo de 5 a 7 (1961); Five Corners (1987), with Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins, and John Turturro; Five Easy Pieces (1970), featuring Jack Nicholson and the chicken sandwich speech; The Five People You Meet in Heaven (2004), TV adoptation of Alborn's book, with Jon Voight; and finally Slaughterhouse Five (1972), Vonnegut on the screen... Food for thought: If the Allies had lost WW II, the people who ordered the bombing of Dresden would have been condemned as war criminals.