Tuesday, June 7, 2005

I guess I am not as much of a Mac zealot as I used to be. The news of them giving up on PowerPC and moving to Intel has not managed to evoke any strong feelings in me. I am neither glad and excited, nor outraged and feeling betrayed. The only thing that came to mind when hearing the news was that my wait for a PowerBook G5 was finally over. Since it is now clear that such a machine will probably never be made. Instead, I can now just buy a bigger internal hard drive for my trusty PowerBook G4, probably something like this one http://seagate.com/cda/products/discsales/marketing/detail/0,1081,681,00.html , and then buy a copy of Tiger to put on there. 10.4.2. is coming out in a couple of weeks, so I guess most of the kinks have been worked out of it. Strange. What to do when you no longer obsess over a computer platform?