Thursday, October 7, 2004


I can't believe that butt-ugly diner burned down! And all by itself. Just can't believe it.


Now, the first thing I did, when I saw that smoke rising, was to call my wife. Her utter disdain for that place and now just starting her period makes for a truly lethal combination. In an otherwise really calm woman.

After she had laughed heartily at my demands that she tell me where she was, she said she thought my worries were sweet, but she had been in the OR all afternoon, and was still stuck at the hospital.

I could finally relax.

And enjoy the view. Even took my daughter there, and snapped this photo for the rest of you:


I guess I should, as a respectable member of the Historic Preservation Commission, say something blah-di-blah and heartwarming about the tragedy of that old heap of junk burning down. But you know what?

Good riddens.