Wednesday, October 6, 2004

The change in Kerry's presidential campaign comes as a pleasant surprise. The vague and cryptic seems to be finally making way for the clear and succinct. Bytesize, though sad in itself, seems to be the maximum message volume this populii is able to digest.

Their TV ads are also getting less boring. A couple of them are actually a bit witty. Cheaky, even. Now, how would I know that, the TV-less hick that I have become? Well, they're all on the Net now. Check 'em out. Though most of them are still dull fluff, some are worth watching: This one actually said what needed to be said, this one is to the point, and this one is hard-hitting.

Now, this one may not be verbose or well-reasoned. But it's funny. Hilarious, actually. I recommend it.