Wednesday, September 8, 2004

I have discovered that my quadriceps are a few numbers too big. Not only does my circulation have a big problem pumping enough blood into them when I am working out, but when they really take off, the rest of my body can't keep up.

After blogging my Deep Thought Of The Day (or Month) earlier today, my mind was racing. So I decided to go out and bike it off. Big mistake. Overenthusistic biking after more than a month's hiatus yielded disastrous results. I came back an hour later somewhat dizzy, my back aching, face sunburnt, knees fuming and hands trembling. Only the blessed quadriceps said "Come on! Whatsamatterwithya! Keep going, you lazy gits!" Understandably, my thighs are now the least popular among my body parts.

The toes still reign supreme: Always calm and composed, neatly laid out, keeping the rest of the body in balance.

OK, I need to go to bed.