Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Q: What do taxes, chocolate-covered strawberries and fasting have in common?
A: I am doing them all. Now.

It's tax season again. Yeeay-hoo. How glad I am. No, actually, I am not as miserable doing my taxes this year as often before. The reason: It's pretty much the same deal as last year, so I'm basically copying what I did then.

The chocolate-covered strawberries are a whoooole other matter. I haven't done them for so long, I've lost the touch. That very important touch of keeping the chocolate melted at juuuust the right temperature for dipping the berries. And at what point to take them back out of the fridge for the second dipping. So it's actually quite stressful! Much more so than the taxes. But they need to be done. The berries, I mean. Because I have this friend, you see, who is always so kind, and patient, and simply there for us. So he needs to have someone bring him strawberries. Today.

Which brings me to the fasting. I thought working with chocolate while fasting would be hard. I was actually dreading it. But, amazingly, it's not. I think the reason is that we are well into our third week of the fast now, and it's becoming normal. Also, we're in the nothing-but-raw-vegetables phase, which is tough at first, but then you start feeling lighter. And stronger. And clearer. It's probably just the body infusing some more adrenalin or doing something else to get us to go out and find some real food, but whatever it is, it's exhilirating.

So that's my day. How about yours?