Thursday, March 18, 2004

How far can you get from the average, from the general consensus, before you are considered insane?

I turned on the radio this morning. And listened to this man talk. It doesn't really matter what he was saying. But some of it made real sense. To me. Other parts of it, I did not get. But what was refreshing was that his views were refreshing. Different. Maybe not the same views that I have. But they were not inconsistent. Or illogical. And definitely not boring. Plus, he did not really seem to care that what was exiting his mouth was not 'the generally accepted truth'. As we supposedly know it.

Then a narrator, apparently, started talking over what turned out to be a recording of the mans voice. The narrator calmly explained how the snippet from the man's monologue illustrated his descent into insanity. The main proof: The man's view of the World, as expressed in said monologue, was so far from reality that he must have been insane. What reality?! Who defines that? Where can I find the definitive description of reality? I have lots of moments. Every day. Where I would be overcome with gratitute to whomever mercifully would just step down to me and give me the meaning. Grant me that moment of going "Ah! So that's the reality." But instead, I spend my days unwittingly stumbling through this maze. Gazing in amazement at all the beauty and horror. Completely clueless as to what is really real. And what is not.

I must be nuts. But then again, we all knew that.