Wednesday, March 3, 2004

How infinitely lucky I am.

Being born into a relatively sane, stable family. Wanting for nothing, but not spoilt by wealth. Growing up in a peaceful, stable society. Getting a good education. Having the chance to work doing something I like. And am pretty good at.

Finding a woman who is not only intelligent, and good-natured, and strong, but who I love without bounds. And loves me back, unselfishly and totally. Then, being blessed with a healthy, normal daughter, whose radiance makes all other lights look dull. And finally, being surrounded by the best collection of people that you could wish for. Friends who will stimulate and challenge me when I am being complacent, celebrate my victories with me, shield and support me when I am under fire, and share with me their precious time without hesitation.

Maybe luck has nothing to do with it. Well, be it caused by luck or a blessing, it's enough to demand respect and humility for having enjoyed. Thank you, sweet world.

Yes. Thanksgiving is running early this year.