Thursday, March 11, 2004

Funny how the weather can dominate your mood. I always thought that I was just naturally an on-edge person. Turns out it's the weather. Really.

I come from a place where the wind blows. Constantly. Or almost constantly. It can blow for weeks on end. And with it, comes horizontal rain. Or sleet. Or snow. And it wil make you kind of edgy.

Now I live in a place which doesn't know what it means for the wind to blow. Where storms are declared when someone sneezes. And where the trees are wimps, as I have noted before. And it's affecting my mood.

At first, I didn't notice it. Then, I thought that it was just the change in my daily schedule. Plus the fact that I am now alone so much during the day, when I used to be constantly surrounded by people. I figured being a mid-level manager had just been so stressful. Managing people and all that.

But on the other hand, hardly meeting another person your whole working day for weeks and months on end should be taxing as well. Right? I should be climbing the walls by now. Out of loneliness. And why has that not happened? Why am I actually feeling the opposite? Albeit somewhat lonely, I am quite relaxed, bordering on easygoing. Maybe it helps to use instant messaging, e-mail and the phone a lot. But there is something more to it. What?

Well, "it's the weather, stupid". I just got off the phone with an array of people back home. Where the wind is blowing. Where they have been issuing real storm alerts. For weeks. And every, single person I spoke with has that edge now in their voice. The one I remember feeling. A lot. They all seem to be in a bad, some even miserable, mood.

Really. Horizontal precipitation wil do that to you.