Sunday, August 3, 2003

Tomorrow, I'm buying a breast pump. Nature may have wanted my wife to continue waking up every three hours around the clock for months to come, but I'm putting my foot down. Now.

Hi. My wife is a sleep-o-holic. I mean it. She is literally hooked on sleep. The more the better. Although she is always beautiful, she is never more radiant than when she has slept twelve hours the night before. Then again, she can go on for days without getting any real sleep. But that takes it's toll on her. The color drains from her face. The smile fades. Her eyes become distant. Kind of like that night. After her surgery...

Anyways. I will buy a breast-pump tomorrow, and by week's end, we'll hopefully have enough milk to be able to send her off to the spare bedroom for a full, loooong, good night's sleep.

It will be a dream.