Sunday, April 6, 2003

Finally, the exuberance seems to be rattling off some of the 'embedded' reporters. A few of them seem to be waking up to the reality of the deeds being perpetrated by the forces that they accompany. Like Hilary Andersson:
As I write I am in a country without a visa.
I never passed through an Iraqi border checkpoint. I invaded, too. I came in with the British forces.
By all rights of a sovereign nation I am here illegally. By what right am in Iraq? By what right is Britain? That is what Iraqis want to know.
And listen to the language of the British forces.
A spokesman at the military headquarters in Qatar called the Iraqi militias "illegal criminal forces".
Maybe the madness and the bloodlust will subside. Maybe cooler heads will prevail.

But it will be too late.