Tuesday, April 8, 2003

And now the US Army has started shooting independent reporters. The exact floor where foreign media people were staying at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad was hit by an apparently deliberate shot from an US tank, killing two cameraman. A third man, a correspondent for the television station al-Jazeera, was killed when the station's offices were leveled. By American missiles. And the offices of the Abu Dhabi television station were also seriously damaged. By American bombs.

There can be only one explanation of these atrocious acts: Either the US is now targeting the un-embedded journalists, who are 'uncontrolled' witnesses to the acts of the invaders, or all the rhetoric about precision munitions and smart-bombs has been proven worthless. Because if the relatively few independent, foreign journalists in Iraq are suffering such heavy casualties, what do you think is the real situation among the civilian population?

The United States can now proudly proclaim that it is the new Butcher of Baghdad. God bless America.