Friday, February 10, 2006


Un long dimanche de fiançailles [2004]

I woke up in the middle of the night, went downstairs and began watching this film I have been meaning to see for a long time. I think I may have been dreaming about it when I woke up. About the heroine. Or more accurately, the actress playing the heroine, Audrey Tautou. The most beautiful Amélie Poulain imaginable. Spirit so tender, heart so true. Or maybe it is just that sleeping alone lightens my sleep. I was really concentrating on following the plot, when all of a sudden Jody Foster jumped onto the screen. And started talking French! I was so startled that I spilled the hot chocolate I was sipping on. There is a lot of killing in this movie. It does take place in a war, after all. Maybe being human means to be able to place infinite value on the life of every single person in this World. And when we go beyond indifference with regard to the loss of human life, when we actually start killing each other, deliberately, we lose our humanity. Lose our minds. Become mindless beasts. But what is it about killing fields, that turns so beautiful after the crime? It is as if Mother Nature quitely covers up the shame. And the resulting flowers try to blossom even more beautifully in these places. To compensate. Balance. Great beauty can spring from great pain. At heart, humans truly are lonely animals. We all want sombody to come looking for us, when we are lost. Right?