Monday, July 25, 2005


I know, I know. At the core, I really am just gadget-crazy. The only reason I am not waiting in line (yet), is that they don't have any astigmatic models (again, yet).

What is it about the eyes, anyway? Even though I am blind as a bat without my contacts/glasses, I would never, ever even consider doing something like this. They are just sacred, somehow. Considering how visually oriented I am, they constitute my most precious sense.

But the eyes are also something more. I sometimes feel like I have mine on loan, or something. 'Windows of the soul' really is no exaggeration. Not only are you outfitted with a pair of them, allowing you to drink in more of your life, as it passes you by, then you could ever do with the rest of your senses. But on top of that, when you use them to look into another person's eyes, you can see a whole other world.

You realize that we are little universes, bumping against each others. And you just might close your eyes for a moment, and quietly say your thanks for being alive to experience it all.