Saturday, June 18, 2005

Away from the Cape

We drove all the way back home today. After a week by the beach. And two months before that in the city. My wife finally got to sleep in a few days in a row. The never-ending sleep deprivation that comes with her work is wearing her down, slowly but surely. On the way back, I saw five red cars in a row. Which I guess makes this a super good day. We stopped in the big city on the way back and had some Vietnamese food. Which was great.

On the way to the coast, we stopped at an airport and picked up one of my daughter's grandmothers. She will be staying with us for almost a month. She is my wife's mother. I used to lock horns with her. We had this weird power-struggle going for years. Then one day, it just ebbed away. It has also helped that I admire her for being always so patient and good to my little girl. That is definetely a sure way to my heart. She intends to spend her days here with my daughter, so I told her daycare not to expect her back until after her birthday, which is coming up on July 1st.

While they spend their days frolicking in the summer, which is finally firmly here, I and my wife will be going back to our respective jobs. She into the people-filled hospital—I into the solitude of my little office. I have to admit, I do dread it. A bit. But somehow it makes me fell better to know that my little girl will be having fun. Funny how that works.

My mind has already started wandering to my next working trip. Which will probably be in September.

This life seems to be in a loop. I wonder if it is a for loop or a while loop.