Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Home—for now


In response to repeated pleadings of some the more vocal part of you readers, here is a picture of my fast-growing girl. She is sitting in the driveway in front of our temporary home. She does seem to like living here, although this morning she got more frightened than I have ever seen her before. Right in that spot where this picture was taken.

She saw a clown. A real-life one. He came jogging joyfully towards her, waving a small, purple duster. My daughter reacted as if he was lunging at her with a sword. She arched her self as far back as she could in my arms, and let out this primeval scream that chilled me to the bone. And stopped the poor clown dead in his tracks. I couldn't really see that well through his heavy make-up, but he was visibly shaken. He stood there for a brief moment, and the sadness flowed into his eyes.

And then he slowly walked into the house.