Friday, February 4, 2005

First observation: The cult

I think my neighbors have joined a cult.

When I tried to barge into their house last night, they both came to the door as their distinctly unusual selves. To begin with, they were dressed in a semi-business-like manner. Then they were not at all in their normal, relaxed mood, but appeared to be stressed, even nervous. They said things like they were having a "sort of a business dinner". Uhu.

Then, my wife came home and asked what that blue flag draped across their front door signified.

Finally, after a few cars had arrived next door, and as we were falling to sleep, I distinctly remember hearing some sort of singing, even chanting, wafting in through our bedroom window, which faces our friends' living room (I know, lucky us that they are not in the habit of throwing crazy, late-night parties).

So, the obvious conclusion? A cult!