Sunday, January 9, 2005

Snow and aid, snowaid?

Finally, finally, finally. We have snow!

Went out with my daughter and played in the snow today. We dug out my wife's car, showeled the walkpath to our neighbor's front door (my daughter did not like the idea of us shoveling to our front door), made snow angels and ate some snow.

In a word: Fun.

Last week I experimented with giving money online to some charities. Some of them try very firmly to steer you towards signing up for giving them something monthly, instead of just one time. Baaad decision. In my book, anyway. It does nothing but turn me off and make me want to look for a charity that is less controlling. I am willing to go along with a fair amount of such 'manipulation' when I am doing online shopping, especially for things that I can't get anywhere else. But when donating, I want to be more in control. For some reason. So, for all you charity web masters out there among my thousands of readers...

Some points that I try to make on this blog kinda really don't make much sense, when taken into account that hardly anyone reads it.

Ah well.