Thursday, July 15, 2004

Man, it's raining!

Rain. Rain. Rain.

Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain.

I am going away again in a month. For almost three weeks. *Sigh* If this pathetic on-line airline ticket website service thing doesn't forget to send me my ticket. Again.

What is the deal with these ticketing websites, anyway? I have been doing most of my banking on the Net for years now. With no problems. What so ever. Never has my money just mysteriously disappeared from my account. Never have I had to call the bank and have someone say to me, in a patronizing voice: "Now are you suuuure sir, that you actually transferred this amount into your account? Couldn't it be that you just accidentally did not transfer it, like, at all?" But time after time, year after year, this is what I get from the airlines. All of them. BA, AA, Air France, KLM, SAS, and the rest of them. All of these clowns. "Sorry sir, I have no record of that transaction. Oh, and by the way, that flight is now full." I mean, is it a requirement that if you land a contract, writing a booking engine for an airline website, that it actually should not work? Ever?

Actually, I am not pissed about this. I learned my lesson a while ago. Now, I buy my tickets way in advance, to allow for all the screw-ups, and lost reservations, and tickets to Detroit (I mean, who would go to Detroit, voluntarily, anyway?), and wrong prices, and middle seats, and all the other stuff that you can possibly fuck up when taking someone's reservation for a simple airfare.

You know what though? I am pissed. But not at the airline. It's this whole going away again thing. Alone. For weeks.

And on top of it all, if I have to go somewhere, this really isn't where I want to fly to!

I have a completely different destination in mind.