Sunday, May 30, 2004

Why is it that the best films that I see are the ones that my wife drags me to, kicking and screaming. It is usually the films that I haven't read about. Haven't heard about. Haven't thought about. Films that I don't have a handle on.

We just saw Dogville. Finally.

Just as I was beginning to accept the heroine's martyrdom, accepting every vile transgression and forgiving her torturer's, she turns around and annihilates them. Not as a revenge. That would have been way too easy. One of those typical "Yes, kill the bastards!" moments that we are fed on a daily basis through the media. No, there was no eye-for-an-eye insanity motivating her. She was just trying to make the world a better place. By making sure that nobody would again suffer the same repulsive treatment that she had to endure.

This was a truly remarkable film. Free of the haughty attitute that plagues so many 'intellectual' or 'arty' films. This one was true.

I liked it.