Monday, May 3, 2004

My daughter is sick again. And I am not allowed to worry about that.

Took her to the doctor's for a check-up on Friday. She was a bit off. My daughter, not the doctor. I mean, she was fuzzy. And impatient. And she cried when I laid her down to be measured. None of which is characteristic for her. But other kids do it, so I thought "Well, maybe the 'honeymoon' is over".

Then the doctor examined her ears. Lo and behold. She has ear infection. In both ears! No wonder the poor thing was irritated! So she got put on antibiotics. She wasn't feverish, but the temperature has been crawling upwards over the weekend.

While this has been happening, I am supposed to be concentrating on a comp. sci. final exam that I am taking tomorrow morning! Luckily, my wife has had the time to take care of our daughter almost completely, but my mind still keeps wandering back to the little critter. It's just so pathetic to see this tiny thing so helpless and listless. And she was sick just last week!

The joys of parenthood. I guess constant worrying comes with the territory. Oddly, that feels somehow OK. Good, even. Like that is the way all this is supposed to be.