Monday, May 17, 2004

I watched Brazil on the flight home last night.

I haven't seen it in a while, but I had taken it with me, and since I couldn't sleep, I decided to watch it.

Of course, it is the best film ever made. And it does manage to get me, every time I see it. But this time, there was something more to it.

Throughout the film, there are posters and billboards with various slogans and phrases. I used to find them funny. Some of them still make me smile, like "Consumers for Christ".

This time, however, many of them hit too close to home for comfort:

"The Truth Shall Make You Free"
"Information Is The Key To Prosperity"
"Help The Ministry Of Information Help You"
"Be Safe: Be Suspicious"
"Loose Talk Is Noose Talk"
"Trust in haste, Regret at leisure"
"Suspicion Breeds Confidence"
"Mellowfields. Top Security Holiday Camps. Luxury without fear. Fun without suspicion. Relax in a panic free atmosphere."
"Don't suspect a friend, report him"
"Who can you trust?"

In some sick way, they have all become very real in a very short time.