Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I have heard of a 24-hour-flu, but never cought one. Until now.

My daughter, the jet-setter, fell asleep as soon as we took off. She slept soundly through all the turbulance, while her father worried about the plane crashing, and wrestling with the guy in the seat in front of her, who mistakenly thought that he could tilt the back of his seat back.

Because of this I thought I was simply jet-lagged, as I stumbled through my day yesterday. Trying to focus as my students appealed to me for mercy, while taking their finals. At 11 pm, I finally decided to take my temp. 102° F.

I went straight to bed. And slept for 12 hours. Then I took my temperature again. 99°. And now, I am more or less OK again.

Now that I've tried the 24 hour version, are there others? A 12 hour version? Maybe a five-minute one? Bring it on!