Saturday, February 7, 2004

My daughter and I are playing together. I have this slight hangover. She is sitting on me, banging the bejesus out of a wooden toy. It seems to be an accompaniment to this song that she is singing. In a foreign tongue. She is fascinated with the fact that I don't understand a word of it. What a luddite!

We snuck out of bed this morning. We were both awake anyway, and her mother was sound asleep. Poor thing. She had been chatting into the night with our houseguests, who celebrated one of their birthdays with us last night. They even brought the meat and the wine! And now I have three women sleeping soundly in their beds upstairs. Preparing for their hangover. While I listen to the fourth one, singing beautifully to me: "A-dud-daaaaad, de dud-deeeeeee"

What more can you ask of a Saturday morning?