Thursday, February 12, 2004

As you may have noticed, I am not really big on turning this little rant into a forum. Listening to other people somehow doesn't seem to fit in with this thinking-aloud-thing that I have got going here. So instead of having a 'shout out', I have a 'whisper back', which is basically just an e-mail address.

And I get the most amazing variety of e-mail.

Sometimes I get compliments, and sometimes I get disapprovals. Someone sends me little snippets of poetry every now and then. Many keep asking for a 'shout out'-style comment system. Not going to happen.

Then there are those real-life trolls. I have actually grown fond of one of them. His last e-mail, of yesterday, is just plain hilarious:

[...] Why have you gone SOO SOOOOFT???! This has turned ino PURE EMOTIONAL WISHYWASHY DRIVEL!!!! Get a GRIP, man! You're not the first idiot who knocked up his old lady. So you have a daughter. BIG DEAL!!! [...]

To me it is so obvious that this guy really cares. You can just see that his frustration is only a way to say 'I miss your old way of writing'. And that is so sweet.

I feel your pain, maan. :)