Wednesday, January 21, 2004

There are so many clues.


Pointing to the fact that it all goes by ever so quickly. That living is like drinking nectar from a glass that empties much faster than we think. And that we can only hope that we have the good sense of enjoying its sweet taste - without guilt, without trepidation - before it is finished, and we will have to put down the empty glass.

I have met a few of those people. In my life. The ones that are awake. That enjoy living life, as it happens to be. They may strive to change it, but they do not spend it mourning over what could have been, or sulking because things are not like they want them to be. They seem to have mastered that balance between indifference and despair. They seem to burn brighter.

My father was one of those people. He had an insatiable lust for life. It was an endless source of amazement and enjoyment for him. It took me more than twenty years to start seeing that. To appreciate this gift of his. And since then I have aspired to do the same. To love. To enjoy. To embrace. To smile. To give warmth. To give. Because you really do choose how you do this. Most of us really are free to live as we please. And I don't mean the jobs that we seek or the schools that we attend, the things that we buy or any of that. I just mean that we can take it, and really choose, for ourselves, what we do with it.

Another sweet soul escaped from her physical cage last night. This lady was also one of those that knew how to live, but was then trapped in a state of decrepitude for years. Now she is at long last free.

I celebrate her life.