Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Correction: She is a breast addict, not a milk junkie. And she's stubborn, too. Just like her father (and just like her father...)

I have taken on the task of giving her the "daily bottle", since we will have to have her adapted to that way of feeding by the time her mother joins the work force again, at the beginning of October.

And this is one hell of a torture!

This little thing, which we had been wondering whether could actually cry for real or not, is downright dismayed at the proposition of sucking on a prosthetic nipple. She can't fathom it. You can see that she wants to say "There! Now mom is here! Use the opportunity! Don't you know that she has loads of this white stuff? Right inside her?? Get off your butt, you lazy gitt, and GET ME THAT BREAST! You nincompoop! IIIIIIII WAAAANT MYYYYYY BREEEEEEEAST!!!"

Needless to say, her very, very stubborn father finally managed to get her to take the bottle. But at a high price. Do you suppose one could get a fresh set of nerves implanted into oneself? If so, throw in a fresh pair of ear drums while you're at it.