Monday, July 14, 2003

After waking from my slumber this morning, which was unusually heavy, due to my biking insanity yesterday, I discovered my wife next to me in bed, even more exhausted. It turns out that because our daughter hardly ever cries, at all, and never in the middle of the night, my wife is sleeping unnusually lightly. Consequently, every time the toddler twists or turns in bed, burps or gurgles, my wife wakes up.

So I decided to do something for her (as if staying up because of the kid were her job, and not mine). Breakfast in bed wouldn't do it, since I bring her one of those every morning anyway. Instead, I managed to talk her into sleeping in the guest room. For a whole night. I would sleep in our bed and bring her the kid when it needed feeding.

Great plan. Only now I can't sleep, almost falling out of bed when the little angel so much as sneezes.


O well, I guess that soon she won't be sleeping this much anyway, crying instead all day and night long. Or so I am told. And then I'll be longing for the night I lay awake in bed, straining to hear her breathe.