Friday, June 6, 2003

It's funny. My wife was driving us home today. In the new car, which we bought today. And I suddenly realized how shallow I am. How short my memory is.

Not that I haven't realized it before. I've just conveniently forgot it again. And again. And again. Here I am, spending all this energy on deciding whether I should go for the nicer floormats. And the chrome exhaust. And only a few short months ago, I was devastated over the fate of the Iraqi people. The injustice of that invasion. I actually swore that I wouldn't forget.

What a pathetic piece of equipment I am. If it wasn't for this blog, and my periodic readings of it, my biggest worry would be that the fancy stereo in that car is not sounding nice enough.

And people are surprised at how badly we do when we're electing our representatives for office? If I am a shining example of how long we stand up for our believes, then I am amazed that we are not doing even worse. Politicians are banking on people like me. Quiet, nice, little consumers. Now that the Dow is back above 9000, everything is well again in never-never land.

I wonder if I should opt for those extra foglights, that go into the front bumper?