Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I may be getting old. Maybe not old old. Question: Can you really get 'old', anyway, when you still have people like older siblings and parents? They will always treat you like you're young. Or at least younger.

No, I feel like I'm getting older because I don't like all the things I used to like. Like being always on the move. Working like crazy. Drinking Coke.

I'm also starting to like things that I remember that my parents liked when I was a kid. Like soft music. And waking up early. And just talking.

Maybe it's just an early onset of a mid-life crisis. But if that's what it is, I should be chasing girls half my age. Right? Granted, I do love women. Well, people I guess, but mainly women. They are simply more interesting then men. There's just more there. Somehow. Anyways. I've always been bewitched by women. So that's nothing new. Besides, I feel closer to my wife now then I've ever felt with another woman. So that's not it.

It's probably simply that I haven't noticed these changes happening slowly over the last years because I buried myself in work. Now that I have started paying a little bit more attention to myself, I am discovering this 'older' guy. And I kinda like him. But then again, I've never really not liked me. I hope.