Tuesday, March 25, 2003

What is the deal with all this religion? How can it be playing such a big role in people's lives? Now, I mean, in the 21st century?

I just seem to be confronted more and more with people that appear to genuinely believe. In God and Jesus. Moses and Muhammed. In any of those guys. And it doesn't seem to be just this classical going-to-church-on-Sunday-because-it's-Sunday thing. No, it's something different.

Granted, I grew up in a pretty atheist community. We had some from that Sunday group, but most everybody else didn't really believe in a specific, higher being. Many, I included, would admit that they thought there might well be 'something' out there. But that was as far as the religious dialgoue would be taken.

But here. Jesus! If you pardon the expression.